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If you are building a custom home, there are many options that you must choose between. One very large option has to do with the garage. This may not seem important now, but in actuality it is. There are many choices you have when thinking about a garage. What exactly are you using your garage for? How much room do you need? What type of San Jose garage door do you want installed?

When looking at your garage, you have many choices to think about. One choice is what type of garage door do you want to have installed? Most homes have a traditional roll up or tilt up garage door. These doors are generally made from steel or sometimes even wood. If you are trying look a little outside of the box, you may want to consider a garage barn. This may sound strange, but you have most likely seen them before. No, a garage barn is not a large red barn you would see on a farm that happens to house cars. A garage barn is just like any other garage, the major difference is the type of residential garage door used. Rather than a traditional roll up or tilt up door, you will either have a carriage door or a side hinged door. These doors come in many different sizes. You have the choice of single, double, or triple garage door sizes. Just like any other garage door, you have the choice of these doors being manual or automated.

Besides deciding what type of garage door you want installed, you will need to think about what exactly you are using the space for. If you plan on just housing one or two cars and nothing else, then you can absolutely go with a standard size garage and door. But, if you are already building a custom home, you may want to consider building a custom garage to go with it. With an oversized garage, you can use the garage to house cars, other toys, have a work bench, or just some extra storage. Besides having extra room on the inside, a larger garage door is a great piece to add to the exterior of your home. A garage door is a main focal point of your home. With an over sized one, you can do almost anything with it. It will absolutely make your home look grander than any other on your block.

Not to overwhelm you, but if you are already building a custom home, you might as well make it custom everywhere. A garage is usually the last place you think of customizing. By changing small things such as the size or type of door that is installed, it could change the entire look of the home. It also may add some extra square footage for storage which is always helpful.